A Simple Home Maintenance Checklist

Are you doing the best job of taking care of your biggest financial investment, your home? Finding problems inside or outside your home and fixing them before they become major issues can save you peace of mind.

Experts suggest homeowners follow a home maintenance checklist that protects their investment and grows its value. Proactive maintenance can save you money and prevent problems that build up over time Problems that cost a lot to repair if left undetected. Just as you take care of you car through regular oil changes, tire rotations and tune ups to help it last longer, your home needs that same kind of attention. Another reason to maintain your home is to keep it safe.

Some 18,000 people die in home accidents each year And some of those accidents are preventable through regular maintenance. Maintenance does more than protect your investment and make it safe.

It also helps with its appearance both inside and out Protect your home with this home maintenance checklist: –

  • Clean or replace furnace and air conditioning filters every three months, or as advised by the manufacturer-
  • Get a furnace inspection each fall to ensure proper and safe operation
  • Get an air conditioning inspection each spring- If you use your fireplace a lot, have it inspected and cleaned every fall- Keep clothes dryer vents free of lint, a potential fire hazard
  • Check for leaks beneath sinks and around showers and tubs, even the water heater- Check water heater for proper temperature setting
  • Repair dripping faucets to stop wasting water- Change batteries in smoke or carbon monoxide detectors annually
  • Check with your local utility to see if it offers a free home energy audit and potential energy savings- Repair electrical outlets that move when items are plugged in
  • Check for trip hazards such as rugs, loose carpet or stair runners- Inspect the roof annually for damaged or missing shingles, and after major storms
  • Clean gutters and downspouts to prevent water damage
  • Check windows and doors for costly air leaks- Check screens for holes or other damage
  • Inspect exterior siding and trim for damage or water entry points
  • Look for visible cracks in the foundation, interior walls or ceilings and contact a qualified contractor
  • Check to ensure stair rails and handrails are securely fixed Following this home maintenance checklist can help you keep your home safe and in good working order.

Regular inspection of these items may require outside assistance. Don’t hesitate to call in qualified help if you feel you need it to protect your home.

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